Partner’s  FAQ
Partner’s  FAQ
Partner’s FAQ

I was unable to finish the assessment because the time given for assessment was very short.

The time given for each assessment has been arrived at after conducting several mock exams amongst students and the average time taken to answer the questions. Nevertheless, we shall look into your feedback and get back to you.

I have applied for the 3 month course, but something important has come up and I don't have 3 full months. Is there a possibility for me to fast track the course and complete it in 1 month?

You can speak to the centre directly and if it is possible, the centre will oblige.

If I miss a class, it does not get covered again. It's quite difficult to catch up.

We shall speak to the centre and ensure that the backlog gets covered.

The faculty does not clarify any of our doubts. Can something be done about this?

We have instructed the faculty to clarify all your doubts and if you are still unclear about a particular topic, you may write to us at with your specific question/s and we shall resolve them as soon as possible.

I have paid quite a fee for this course but I don't feel the training is up to standard

Kindly share your feedback at and the concerned team will attend your grievance is addressed.

How do I apply for a Tally Partnership?

First, you will need to complete our Partnership Application. Our partner team will review the application and contact you within the next 2-3 business days. Due to considerable interest in working with Tally, it may take us a few extra days to respond. We ask for your patience.

I have not got any job offers. I would like a refund of my fees.

We guarantee placement assistance in the form of three interview opportunities. We do not have a policy to refund the fees. For any other queries, please feel free to write to us at

I have got an offer letter but the salary offered is very low.

Salary and other decisions related to compensation are left to the discretion of the employers. We will not be able to help you in this regard.

I was not offered placements as per my educational qualifications. What do I do next?

We have taken note of your concern and our placement cell will address your issue.

Can the certificate be verified online by a third party?

Yes. Every certificate will have a unique number and on entering the number in our website, the details of the student will be visible.

Do you offer a Participation Certificate or a Course Completion Certificate at the end of the course?

We offer a Course Completion Certificate with a comprehensive score card to every student who completes the course successfully.

Is the certificate recognized by any international body?

No. At present, our certificate is not recognized by any international body.

want to integrate my software solution or develop an add-on module for Tally's products. Is there a program through which I can do it?

Yes. We offer a set of resources for developing and promoting your solution as a complementary offering to Tally's products. Please start by visiting our commercial marketplace

Will you issue certificates to the students?

We will issue certificates to our students provided they have at least 75 % attendance. The certificates are also classified as Gold, Silver and Plain based on the performance of the student.

Will you assure me that there will be no other centre near mine?

We cannot assure that there will be no other centre near yours. However, we can assure that we will open another centre only if the market requirements merit another centre being opened in your vicinity. If there is potential to open another centre in your area, the first right of refusal shall be given to you. If you are interested, the concerned Regional Manager of Tally Education Private Limited will call you and provide the required details.

What support can I expect from TEPL

TEPL Offers support by the way of: Student Enrolment Support
  • Continuous Business Development support visits are designed to help and ensure that you will be on track with your business plan.
  • Tally will work hand-in-hand with you to explore synergistic opportunities to improve your ROI.
  • Comprehensive ATL and BTL marketing activities will be organized to increase the number of walk-ins and to improve the conversion ratio at your centre.
Training Support
  • Train the Trainer (TTT) – Regular training will be provided to the faculties at your centre, to keep them abreast with the latest industry trends, thereby improving overall delivery standards.
  • Academic Counselor Training (ACT) – The counselors at your centre will be trained on effective conversion skills, designed to increase the number of student enrollments.
  • In addition to the printed courseware support by Tally, you will also have access to a huge repository of our digital content.
Assessment Support
  • Students will be awarded a certificate or diploma after they complete the online assessment designed by Tally.
  • Assessing students online simplifies the entire evaluation process and involves minimal human intervention.
  • Designed from a huge question bank repository, online assessments are aimed at minimizing the efforts and maximizing the benefits for all - you, the TIL partner, and the students.
Placement Support A highly experienced centralized placement team with strong corporate relations will aim to provide 100% placement assistance to all students of comprehensive courses upon the successful completion of job-oriented courses.     Marketing Support
  • Targeted marketing campaigns to support Business Development activities for your centre.
  • Marketing activities round the year, with a special focus on all national and regional festivals and key events.
  • 3600 marketing support to increase the number of walk-ins and overall conversion ratio at your centre.
  • Online marketing support crafted to enhance brand awareness and reputation of the Tally brand.
Tally Portal
  • Tally portal replaces the need for maintaining paper documents, multiple files, and administrative records that are required for day-to-day operations.
  • It keeps a track of enquiry forms, enrolment, student details, attendance, batch records, assessments, certifications, interview dates, placement procedure and even alumni meets.
Support Services
  • A fully functional support centre will provide dedicated support to our partners, students and employers. They can directly reach us for resolving their queries through phone, email or live chat.

Are there any pre-requisites to own a TIL?

Yes, certain basic criteria has to be met such as:
  1. Tally.ERP 9 MU license with valid TnS
  2. Minimum carpet area of 750 SFT(A Class locations) and 1000 sft(B Class)
  3. Trained faculty
  4. Centre Manager
  5. Placement Executive
  6. A minimum of 15 computers in working condition
  7. Internet Connection
  8. Printer
  9. Scanner
  10. Biometric Device (Recommended)

What is TIL?

“Tally powers 90% business houses in India, which propels a perpetual demand for Tally-trained professionals.” To meet the industry requirement for Tally trained professionals, Tally Institute of learning centres are being launched across India. TILs are the only authorised training centres for Tally training.

How many users does Tally have

Tally has over 2 million users.

I already have Tally.ERP9 MU license, should I still buy another license?

As long as the license has been installed in your centre for training purposes, you do not have to buy another license.

Can you give me a discount on Tally.ERP 9 MU license/TnS?

We will offer a 40% discount on Tally.ERP 9 MU license, provided the same license is installed at the centre exclusively for training.

I want to embed Tally's commercial product(s) into my solution. What program should we consider?

If you are interested in an OEM relationship with tally Professional or Tally Enterprise, you may be interested in the Powered by Tally program. Learn more about Powered by Tally program

Will Tally have a mechanism to assess my staff?

Yes, Tally is in the process of developing an assessment engine through which you will be able to assess your employees.

I have frequent job requirements, can Tally meet my needs?

Yes, Tally has a vast database of qualified job seekers. We will be able to meet your requirements.

What sets your students apart from those coming in from other centres?

Our students are provided with holistic learning that encompasses all those areas that are relevant in a work place.

What skill sets will your students be equipped with?

Our students will be equipped with the skill sets that are required at the place of work. They will not only be equipped with domain knowledge, but will also be trained to be able to implement their knowledge at their place of work. The students will also be proficient in Computers, English and Accountancy, thereby meeting the requirements of your organization.

I want to integrate my software solution or develop an add-on module for Tally's products. Is there a program through which I can do it?

No AnswerYes. We offer a set of resources for developing and promoting your solution as a complementary offering to Tally's products. Please start by visiting our commercial marketplace