Services Offered
Services Offered
Services Offered

Video Resume

A video resume helps a hiring manager to get a feel for your personality type before even offering you an interview.Videos offer a much broader picture of your personality than a paper resume. Anyone who views the video resume will feel like they actually met you and that can give job seekers the edge over other candidates

Visual Resume

A visual resume is an info-graphic way of representing your skills and experience in an attractive format. It is a perfect alternative to the conventional textual resumes which often tend to be uninteresting. Visual Resume strives to achieve structured information and an exciting design to make an immediate impact on the recruiter

Mock Interview

A mock interview is an emulation of an interview used for training purposes. The interview tries to resemble a real interview as closely as possible, and provides experience for the candidate. The mock interview helps the job applicant learn what is expected in a job interview, and improves the applicant's self-presentation. The mock interview coordinator will provide constructive feedback on all aspects of the interview process. Many of the questions asked are interview questions from actual employers. The mock interview focuses on self-knowledge, past experiences, knowledge of the industry the applicant wishes to enter, and how well the applicant can convey that information

Interview Master

Interview Master is an innovative recruitment Tool based on the concept of Automated Video Interviews which allows you to create, administer and evaluate interviews. The interview master allows the HR the skip one level of the interview process, thus saving on time and resource in the recruitment process.